Welcome to Pamako

A virtual tour of the 2021 Harvest

“Respect the trees, look after them and they will richly reward you with their fruits”
– Eftychios Androulakis

                                  First and only olive oil worldwide to be certified as a Food Supplement and                                            prescribed by doctors in three EU countries.

                                 More than 70 International Awards.  Recognized for its organoleptic profile,                                           its gourmet, organic and high phenolic content.

Follow the link to the virtual tour to experience a true ‘Passion for Excellence’. 

Pamako Millesime – Harvest Season 2021

Pamako hills

A Walk Among the Groves

Found only on the west side of Crete the Tsounati variety olives are cultivated in a sustainable, organic environment where the ancient and rare trees thrive, high in the mountainous region, 700m above the Libyan Sea.

Tree harvest
Eftychios by his tree

The Koreneiki Groves in the Valley

The Koreneiki olive variety is recognized worldwide to be among the highest for its naturally occurring polyphenol compounds.

Olive groves
An Early Green Harvest
The tradition of handpicking the olives begins in October of each year.
This challenging and painstaking work is a true ‘labour of love’.

State of the Art Olive Mill

Within hours of harvesting the olives, the milling and pressing process is completed at Pamako’s own facility.

The milling of the olives is controlled with precise accuracy, slowing the process and maintaining the exact temperature to optimize the health-protective qualities and flavour.  Inert Argon gas is used to prevent oxidization during malaxation and while in temporary storage until bottling.

From Grove to Gourmet

Once the oil is processed, it is stored and bottled at 15 Celsius.  Food safe nitrogen gas is added to preserve ‘first-day freshness’. Dark mirror finish bottles prevent light from depleting the polyphenols that have been so carefully protected.  The quality oversight is maintained to the last step… the closing of the bottle which is completed by hand.


Custom-made machinery, innovative processes, and dedicated people bring you this Ultra Premium Monovarietal extra virgin olive oil of superior health benefits.

“Because you have committed to trusting us, we commit to delivering you the best organic, gourmet EVOO in each and every bottle” – Eftychios Androulakis