The importance of biophenols

“No other food has the range and magnitude of the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil…The health benefits of extra virgin olive oil are clearly due to the biophenols found in extra virgin olive oil as studies assessing the benefits for varying amounts of total biophenols show better benefits with higher biophenol content (approximately greater than 200 mg/kg) and no benefit with low (< 50 mg/kg) biophenol content, a level that would not qualify as extra virgin.” states an article from the Olive Wellness Institute.

Weight Loss

When looking for effective ways to reach your goals with weight loss, EVOO can help. The fatty acids help to make you feel full while enhancing the body’s ability to absorb more nutrients. Find out how EVOO consumption can help you in this article 6 Unexpected Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits for Weight Loss, Healthy Heart & More

Get the support you need to lose those extra pounds and inches, start a daily dose of EVOO along with a fiber rich diet, like the Mediterranean Diet.

Live Longer! Live Healthier!

To cook with EVOO?

We often hear, “You shouldn’t cook with olive oil” from many who have been misguided by this myth. Dr. Simon Poole, author of The Olive Oil Diet addresses this confusion for us! “In short, you not only can safely cook with EVOO; you should be cooking with it for your health … and because it is affordable and delicious.” Read more

Are you getting enough fiber?

“The dose-response relationship between dietary fiber and protection against a number of important diseases suggests that fiber itself is a very important factor contributing to the protection” – Prof Jim Mann, DM (author of the study).

Olive Oil Times recently published “Dietary Fiber Linked to Lower Heart Disease and Cancer”, by Mary West on Feb 19, 2019. Improve your health and longevity with dietary fibers as found in the Mediterranean Diet, along with high quality olive oils!

Following the Med Diet made easy!

Tapping into the Mediterranean Diet is easy. We found an amazing article for you, with awesome links to meal plans and health beneficial research references to give you the perfect tools to help transform your health and wellness. Learn more from this article by Dr Carrie Ruxton Published on: 12:04 PM 28-Nov-18 Reviewed by Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE Reading time: 5 min read Cheers!

Pairing Olive Oils with Food

Just like wines, olive oils when paired with food and vinegars can change your ordinary meal, into a gourmet delight! With olive oil, the pairing categories are Delicate, Medium and Robust. When selecting one of our premium olive oils we recommend Eirini Plomariou for a delicate flavour, Drop of Life Organic and Laconian Legacy fall into the medium category and and for robust EVOO choose Pamako Monovarietal.

We are happy to share this link with you, How do you pair olive oil with food, from the North American Olive Oil Association.

Last July 2018, we had the pleasure of attending the 4th Annual North American Olive Oil Conference in Chicago. One of the many highlights… two portions of each dish prepared with a different olive oil. A true experience in how the choice of olive oil changes the flavours of food!

Our pairing and food sampling experience at the National Olive Oil Conference 2018.

Choose Olive Oil

Just published in the Chicago Tribune, February 13th, 2019, Roberto A. Ferdman writes a very interesting and detail look into the Butter VS EVOO question. With a conclusion that we agree with: “Is olive oil better for you? Yes, probably,” said Nestle. “But does that mean you should never eat butter? No, of course not. Butter is fine as long as you don’t overdo it.” Here is the complete article Is olive oil really better than butter?.