The Island Where People Forget To Die

A life of longevity and vitality.

The secret is in the lifestyle.  Eat simple foods, mostly plant based, loaded with vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and legumes and of course lots of olive oil.

We love this article published back in 2012 in the New York Times about Stamatis Moraitis who went back to his homeland Ikaria in his sixties, with lung cancer and a warning from doctors that he had just nine months to live.  At the time this article was published, Stamatis was 97 years old and cancer free!


The Island Where People Forget to Die

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” ...quoted by Michael Pollan.

The plant-based diet is getting lots of attention these days, drawing focus on the our environment and the effect it can have on climate change.

The Bioneers, Revolution from the Heart of Nature, has posted this article

Eating Plant-Based Diets Can Play a Huge Role in Limiting the Effects of Climate Change

a very interesting article on how the way we eat affects our planet.

Of course we like plant based diets, like the Mediterranean, for all of its health benefits and its consumption of super healthy high phenolic olive oils. 

Is your olive oil real or fake? Put it to the test.

A recent study found that almost 70% of oils labeled “extra virgin” olive oil on California retail shelves really aren’t extra virgin at all.

If you really want to know if your olive oil is extra virgin or not, try submitting it to the smell and “cough tests”.

Place a small amount of the oil into a small round glass (i.e. shot glass or wine glass).

Cover the top of the glass, and warm it with your body heat by rubbing it with your hands.

Now uncover the glass and take a deep smell of the now slightly warmed oil.

True extra virgin olive oil should have a grassy, fruity or vegetable like smell.

Next it’s time to for a taste test.

You do this in much the same way you taste wine.

Take a sip but don’t swallow.

Swirl the oil around in your mouth for a few seconds.

Keep your teeth together and part your lips slightly.

Then gently draw in some air.

Next, swirl the oil around your mouth so it mingles with the air.

Then swallow.

If it’s genuine extra virgin olive oil, -reportedly you should experience a bitter or pepper like taste towards the back of your throat.

And you should actually cough:

“ A true extra virgin will reveal lots of fruit and vegetable flavours as you swirl it around your mouth and will have a peppery or bitter taste at the back of your throat when you swallow it. It’s normal to cough, and in fact, premium olive oils are often characterized as one-cough, two-cough or three-cough oil. The more coughing, the more the polyphenols and the better the oil!”



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White Blood Cells & Phenolic Rich EVOO

The health protective properties found in phenolic rich olive oils, continues to draw attention for ongoing scientific research and clinical studies for many of todays chronic diseases.

Recently, Professor Paola Rojas of Peloponnes University and hematologist Dr. Ioannis Kontonis at the hospital of Sparta, supervised the world’s first intervention with Leukemia patients using olive oil rich in oleocanthal.

Learn more here from Lisa Radinovsky, as she shares her love and knowledge for Greece at Greek Liquid Gold, an excellent resource for articles on the health benefits of olive oil, recipes and much more!

To read more on the ongoing research and project studies, visit the World Olive Centre for Health.

Gout, Olive Oil and the MedDiet


A very painful inflammation that develops in the joints due to high levels of uric acid in the blood. The acid forms needle-like crystals, causing redness, and tenderness that can be quite severe and last for days. Tap our bio link, head Articles and learn more about how a Medeterranian Diet and High Phenolic EVOO can help those suffering through the flare up of Gout.

From the "Gout & You", Experiments on Battling Gout and Living a Healthier Life, we share this article Gout & Olive Oil

The MedDiet. For a long and healthy life.

When it comes to diet and weight loss, the Mediterranean Diet continues to gain recognition as the best diet for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Made up of whole foods, plant based fruits and vegetables with nuts and grains and of course olive oil.  Our suggestion...choose the healthiest monounsaturated fat.  Choose high phenolic extra virgin olive oil.

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable is an excellent source for up to date information on health news and recipes.  The health benefits of the MedDiet can help to fight certain cancers and heart disease, reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes and improve cognitive function.

Start making changes today!  Live your best, healthiest life!

The Science of Olive Oil

The science of olive oil is in the naturally occurring polyphenols. Research institutes around the world are discovering the natural phenolic compounds, pentacyclic triterpenes and nutraceuticals will help in the prevention and very possibly give rise to cures for many of today's chronic diseases.

In particular, the compound Oleocanthal, an anti-inflamatory is receiving much attention for its potential neuro-protective mechanism against Alzheimers.  Its antioxidant abilities can assist in the role of preventing cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

From the Semantic Scholar, we share this link, New drugs from ancient natural foods.  Oleocanthal, the natural occurring spicy compound of olive oil; a brief history.

Crete, the home of Pamako Mountain Bio

Did you know that the oldest olive trees in the world are in Crete? Aging from 2000-3000 years old. Most of the trees are of the Tsounati variety and theses olives naturally produce high phenolic compounds. This is the home of Pamako, award winning olive oil for its taste and health protective benefits. We love this article, "The Past, Present and Bright Future of Crete’s Lifeblood", a nice insight to the dedication of the olive oil producers, who combine age old traditions with their visions for a bright future.

How diet can help kids with Autism

There is evidence that consuming healing foods, and avoiding foods known to cause inflammation, can help children with Autism.
By closely monitoring what your child consumes, you will not only provide a well balanced, nutritious diet but you will see improved behaviour.

Dr. Kaslow’s dietary recommendations are:

Limit sugar, candies, sweets.

Replace canola oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, margarine with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), organic raw butter or flax oil

Avoid Aspartame (Nutrasweet®, Equal®)

Avoid Gluten and Casein (a milk protein)

See Dr. Kaslow’s article to learn why diet is so important and how food can help children diagnosed with Autism.

Public Health Symposium –

The many health benefits of high phenolic olive oil are - a reduced risk for cancer, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases and added protection against viruses. @Yale University last fall, scientists and field experts met to explore these benefits.

"An olive oil institute at the Yale School of Public Health would include research in chemistry, and metabolomics to develop assays and datasets to enhance further health research. “We are extremely excited about the interest from around the world in participating in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary institute that will fill such an important void, said Professor Vasilis Vasiliou, chair of the YSPH’s Department of Environmental and Health Sciences." Read the full article.