Embrace the Elixirs from Mother Earth!

Olive oil has been known for its medicinal properties since the ancient times of Hippocrates.

Our knowledge of the health protective attributes of olive oil continues to expand through scientific research, blending today’s modern science with the wisdom of ancient beliefs and practices.

Rich in polyphenol content, olive oil is the only plant based natural food that has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, making it a very powerful Superfood.

Recent studies provide evidence that olive oil rich in phenolic content has a profound effect on the health of individuals as it lowers LDL cholesterol, protects the blood from oxidation, reduces risks of Type II Diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and is showing promise in cancer research.

We have partnered with producers from Greece and Cyprus who are dedicated to the difficult processes required to harvest, mill and bottle premium olive oil that preserve the aromas and flavours, while protecting the polyphenol content.

We are proud to bring these very rare and powerful superfoods to health conscious individuals who seek reliable wholesome foods for their wellness and longevity.

By returning to the old ways with an enlightened approach to health and wellness, we can find simplicity in natural foods that are organically produced and sustainably grown.

BEYOND Organic, BEYOND Extra Virgin

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