Super heroes need superfoods

It is not surprising that the same high phenolic EVOO which helps with improved cognitive function for Alzheimer’s patients, also aids children living with a diagnosis of Autism.
The Nemechek Protocol aims to aid in the recovery and reversal of an Autonomic Dysfunction by rehabilitating the brain and body. The protocol calls for a strict diet which includes good quality EVOO to reduce gut inflammation, restore omega 3:6 balances, and aid in cellular repair.
Many of our clientele are parents whose children are living with this disease and who are following a protocol involving healthy eating and a daily dose of high phenolic EVOO. It is the complete combination that brings slow but steady changes in language and behaviour. It is understood that the protocol has many peaks and valleys, but the long term is rewarding.
No matter what challenges your children are facing, just keep in mind that SuperKids need Superfoods!

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