Plant-Based Diet

Adopting to a plant-based diet is one the most important steps you can take to help prevent chronic diseases, boost your immune system, increase your energy and add vitality into your life.


The choices you make today to eat nutritious plant foods not only increases your longevity, but helps the environment as well.

There is much science available that shows how making good choices today to eat more nutritious food will help increase your longevity and help the environment too.

Hippocrates had said, “let food be thy medicine” for good reason.

Now through we have learned a great deal about how the ancient wisdoms, when met with modern science contribute to our daily health and wellbeing.

There is no doubt that by eating a healthful diet we have the ability to promote the prevention and reversal of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and even many types of cancers.

There are so many reasons to adopt this way of eating and it is easier than you may think.

Of course, we recommend that you start with a daily consumption of 1-2 tbsps of high phenolic extra virgin olive oil first thing each morning on an empty stomach.  Your body needs a healthy amount of fatty acids to protect you brain, heart, bones and joints.  Not only that, but you will benefit from better sleep, healthier hair and smoother skin.  Think of it as your daily shot of “anti-aging”!

Great books to help you on your way:

Quick read articles and links:

Jamie Mah, Track and Food (Editor and Podcast Host),  has published the article PlantBased vs Vegan which is an easy and informative read.

Published by the Huffington Post, “Meatless Mondays” a few easy recipes to introduce simple Great Plant-based Meals to get you started.

The Food Revolution is certainly a very in depth look into changing your eating habits for life.



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