Fall is a beautiful time of year.  It brings the harvest of summer crops and another change of seasons,  as Mother Nature begins the hibernation for the long winter ahead.

This is the perfect time to give thought as to how to stock the pantry and not the medicine cabinet, in order to stay healthy throughout the year.

The Healing Foods Project, developed by Dr. Mary Flynn is and excellent resource when it comes to improving risk factors for chronic disease and for maintaining a healthy weight.

As a nutritionist, Dr. Flynn works in human nutrition research at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, and has been teaching there since 1998.

Learn about the health benefits of maintaining a plant-based olive oil (PBOO) diet and download your free copy of the Healing Foods Project Cookbook.

We know that we are what we eat, and by shifting our diets to be more plant-based we can not only improve our own health, but the health of the planet as well.


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