Breakfast is always a great time for Olive Oil!

Most often olive oil is used at the lunch hour over salads or reserved until dinner and used for marinades and sauteeing. However, since olive oil is the healthiest monounsaturated fatty acid, it is wise to use it with all meals and replace butter or margarin with olive oil!

So, when it comes to breakfast, how can you incorporate olive oil into your daily regime? It’s easy!

One simple way it to take a tablespoon each morning on an empty stomach, either on its own or with some lemon.

When it comes to eggs, you can fry them in olive oil, like Pamako Monovarietal for a deliciously peppery flavour, or drizzle over a hard boiled egg and add a dash of pepper.

Tip: Keep some hard boiled eggs in the fridge, ready to go for a quick easy snack, or to add to your lunch.

Having homemade granola on hand is also great for an easy go to breakfast or for a satistfying mid-morning healthy snack!

Follow this link for the full recipe.


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