Pairing Olive Oils with Food

Just like wines, olive oils when paired with food and vinegars can change your ordinary meal, into a gourmet delight! With olive oil, the pairing categories are Delicate, Medium and Robust. When selecting one of our premium olive oils we recommend Eirini Plomariou for a delicate flavour, Drop of Life Organic and Laconian Legacy fall into the medium category and and for robust EVOO choose Pamako Monovarietal.

We are happy to share this link with you, How do you pair olive oil with food, from the North American Olive Oil Association.

Last July 2018, we had the pleasure of attending the 4th Annual North American Olive Oil Conference in Chicago. One of the many highlights… two portions of each dish prepared with a different olive oil. A true experience in how the choice of olive oil changes the flavours of food!

Our pairing and food sampling experience at the National Olive Oil Conference 2018.

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