A Daily Consumption

Have you had your shot today? We do ask this question a lot, we know!

It’s our way to encourage you to make healthy, informed choices when it comes to your daily consumption of #extravirginoliveoil.

“The role of olive oil in disease prevention…” published in April 2015, in PubMED, is “a focus on the recent epidemiological evidence from cohort studies and dietary intervention trials.”

It may sound a bit “sciency”, but the findings are important …”research has shown that a regular consumption of olive oil is associated with increased longevity”… then again we ask, have you had your shot today? Want to read more? ABSTRACT: Consumption of olive oil within the Mediterranean diet has been long known to have many health benefits. However, only over the last decade has epidemiological research confirmed its protective role against developing several chronic diseases. The objective of this review was to give an overview of the state of art epidemiological evidence concerning the relationship between olive oil and key public health outcomes including mortality, CVD, diabetes, metabolic syndrome (MetS), obesity and cancer, with a particular focus on recent results from cohort studies and dietary intervention trials.

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